Cipoor Engineering is a young company (founded in Switzerland ) dedicated to Commercial Electrical Appliances & E-Vehicle development and production, particularly for commercial and private use.
Cipoor Engineering will consistently adhere to our core values, which are to be respectful, brave, realistic, innovative and to create true values for customers. We will put sustained effort into the R&D of new products, and keep improving our production capability, technology, and product quality. We will never stop to expect for the excellence and pursue the perfection, that motivates us to meet with higher requirements from the customers and face every new challenge ahead, to be a classical and reputable enterprise in the global.
At Cipoor Engineering, Our mission is not just to meet your demands – we want to go beyond your expectations, We pride ourselves on making high-quality coffee machines and always stick to the principle of creating value for customers; try our best to ensure enabling service providers and other customers to capitalize on new business opportunities, 
What we do?
We develop and Prototyping Products in almost all area. We solving Problems from simple tasks to complicated tasks. Most of our Products are Prototypes and few of them are available in our Online Shop or through our Dealer

Electrical Appliances

Tool Solutions  

Electronic Gadgets 

E-Vehicle Solutions 


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